Forging » Die Design

 An in-house die-shop equips us for fabrication of all types of dies and tooling, using machines such as: ‘HAAS' VMC, Plano Milling Machines, Spark Erosion Machines, Copy Milling Machines, Heavy Duty Lathe Machines, Die Sinking Machines, Vertical Band Saw Machines and Heavy Duty Pillar Drilling Machines.

Dies are produced using Wooden Pattern Graphite Electrode. Full sets of templates are fitted on sinking of the die for rigid dimensional checks and inspection.

Die design and tooling equipment used at Forge & Forge include:
  • ‘HAAS' VF-5 Vertical Machine Center
  • Heavy Duty Lathe Machines
  • Die Sinking Machines
  • Vertical Band Saw Machine
  • Hydraulic Copy Milling Machines
  • Spark Erosion Machine
  • Heavy Duty Pillar Drilling Machine
  • Capstan Lathe Machine
  • Pneumatic Die Grinders
  • Plano Milling Machines
  • Heavy Duty Shaper
  • Radial Drilling Machines
  • Long Bed Lathe Machine
  • Short Bed Lathe Machine